The Museum area of activities are:

- Museum Publication

- Conservation Department

- Expedition

- Museum Projects

- Educational Programs

- Universities' Collaboration

Grants are available to major professional organizations nationally and internationally, that work within the US of interest for special projects crucial to the fields they serve.

Through special initiatives, we fund educational and cultural institutions to develop model projects that make the Cyprus museum and Greek and Cyprus culture well know to the public.

Support for individuals and institutions to promote scholarship in the history of Cyprus art.      

The Foundation is committed to strengthening the interdisciplinary practice of conservation through targeted initiatives.     

Support for the present and future leaders of Cyprus.

Research Grants and Educational Scholarships to support foreign scholars, who wish to visit Greece and Cyprus to conduct research or collaborate with other research institutions. Research grants are valid for either a one month or a six month period. Research scholarships of six or twelve months are also available to graduate students or PhD students (under 40 years old) to pursue studies in a Greek and Cyprus Institution.

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