International Relationships

During all these years from its foundation, many people have visited the Cyprus Museum, among them, the Ambassador of Cyprus Michael Sherifis and his wife and Ms Katherine Cleridis, President Cleridis daughter, member of the Cypriot Parliament.   

The former President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr George Vassiliou, sent in 1990, his regards for the Cyprus Museum. In his letter mentioned among others, "This Museum, the first of its kind in the United States, deserves the support of all who are familiar with Cyprus and its unique contribution to the civilization of mankind. The Cyprus Museum in Jacksonville, NC, does more than merely display the rich cultural and historical traditions of Cyprus".

Dr Crist has also received a letter of congratulations from the President of the United States Mr Bill Clinton. The December of 1998, Dr Crist along with a handful of other Greek and Cyrpiot Americans met personally with President Clinton to discuss the Cyprus situation.      

The Cyprus Press and Information Office and Cyprus Handicraft Service in Cyprus have been supportive in the North Carolinas museum’s expansion. The Public Information Office of Cyprus has given the Cyprus Museum the right to sell video of the Invasion of Cyprus, the stolen Kanakaria mosaics and the island’s culture. This material helped a lot the museum to enrich its department of the modern history collection.       


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