Board of Directors

All these years that the museum is open to the public there are many people who worked and still working hard to make this a success, and there are also the people who gave us and still giving their financial or moral support, so we continue our effort.

Board of Directors

  • Dr Takey Crist (Founder)
  • Donna Graham
  • Ion F. Frantzeskakis
  • Michael Savvides
  • Gene Vadies
  • Jacovos Jacovides
  • Euripides Eyriviades

Board of Advisors

  • Marios Euriviades
  • Helen Pereos
  • Fannis Petallides Holliday
  • Kathy Ross
  • Harry Sophoclides

Honorary Trustees

  • Former Cyprus President - Glafkos Clerides +
  • Former Cyprus President - George Vassiliou
  • George Paraskevaides
  • Philip Christopher
  • Tim Maniantis
  • Peter Pappas
  • Professor G. Shinn
  • Eugene Rossidies

Antiquities Consultants

  • Vasken Demirjian
  • Dr Peter Nicoklas


  • Ellis - Hopper - Warlick - Morgan - Morgan
  • Boyd Tisdale
  • Sfikas, Karambelas & Akaras

Cyprus & Greece Director Representative: Michael Charalambous

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