The Founder

Dr. Takey Crist, is the Founder of the Cyprus Museum.  Just like many idealists he "had a dream"A man with a great vision.

 A surgeon by profession, grew up in Jacksonville, NC, in the 1950's. His parents  are both Cypriots.  He went to the University of North Carolina where he completed his undergraduate, for  medical studies. Before he turned 32, Crist was chief resident in obstetrics/gynecology at Chapel Hill. 

Crist has written dozens of publications in medicine and earned numerous research grants, professor  posts, and consultancies in Washington, DC, related to health problems. Today he presides over a medical complex in Jacksonville that includes an out - patient surgery center  for Women. The Clinic provides family planning, birth control, and obstetrical procedures. 

"Medicine is what I love doing." he says and he continues to deliver babies.

Crist's passion for Cyprus was born after 1974. "I really became involved with my culture and background after the invasion", Crist explains. "Before the invasion, I had seen my relatives owning orange and lemon orchards and working in banking, and all of a sudden they're sitting in refugee camps, having lost everything. I was shocked! So I had to get involved".

"I began reading about the antiquities and the desecration of churches in occupied Cyprus. Talking about it with some friends, in the Cypriot Organizations, I decided to buy Cypriot antiquities so that my Island's  cultural heritage would be preserved.  In the summer of 1990, I visited Cyprus with my friend Marios Evriviadis, and  bought old costumes and other folk items.  Furtheron, I realized that I didn't have enough room to house everything. So I thought of establishing a museum".Thus the foundation of the "the Cyprus Museum" started.  

The love for his paternal land and his desire to preserve the heritage of Cyprus alive, led and continues leading his actions.

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