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Jacksonville, in North Carolina, is known as the home of the Nation's largest U.S.A.,  Marine base.This is the city, where the past and present join forces & energy.

Since 1988, Jacksonville has been the Home of the "Cyprus Museum"

"The Cyprus Museum" is a 2500 square foot building. It houses the Cypriot antiquities, as well as source material of modern Cyprus and Greece, collected by the members of "the Cyprus Museum".  It depicts the rich culture and heritage of the Cypriots & Greeks.  Every year, dozens of students spend time studying about this historic Island.

At a unique establishment, the only one in the U.S.A., "the Cyprus Museum", shelters centuries of History!

The Museum's collection includes: 

·  Sculptures coming from the early Bronze Age

·  Ancient pottery 

·  Medieval maps

·  Byzantine Icons

·  Christian religious signs

·  Folk handicrafts

·  Old documents of the Cypriot Government

·  A Library

· Treaties  about the Cyprus problem

· Videos, tapes & photographs

·Documentaries, material concerning the "Womens' Walk Home" campaigns

More than 4000 years of history, are preserved at the Cyprus Museum.

The Founder of the Museum is Dr. Crist Takey, who says and we quote:  "The idea of building a Museum was always trapped in my mind. Being concerned about the culture heritage of our ancestors and the natural beauty of Cyprus, which is continuously destroyed, traded & battered, was a strong motivation." 

He added, "Walking down a street of New York, I happened to run into two Cyprus originated artifacts. Till that day, I had no knowledge that collective items were bought and exported from Cyprus."

Dr. Crist bought the 2 artifacts, thus starting his private collection.  He says, "I considered it a great idea to start buying similar collections and through major auction Houses, a network of contacts and donations, the collection was highly enriched."

The objects were identified by archeologists and are attractively displayed on track-lit, modern wooden windows.  

The Cyprus Museum is visited not only by Greek - Cypriots, but also has a Universal appeal.

Dr. Crist Takey, eventually has a greater dream.

To relocate the Museum to a larger, more appropriate  building & location in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

A visit to the "Cyprus Museum is a moving experience. Through the art treasures and written records on display, the public can visualize Cyprus's glories and tragedies, as well as become familiar with a culture so rich in inspiration.

A visit to the museum is a moving experience. Through the physical and written records on display of Cyprus's glories and tragedies, past and present, one experiences a culture so rich that could inspire all generations.

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